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"Science, Values, and Context": Course Date Change

^14 Feb. 2017 note about a change in the course dates:
When this course was originally posted to the Conservation Calendar on 28 Jan. 2017, the course website advertised the course as occurring 20, 27 Feb and 6, 13 Mar. Upon checking the registration website today, however [ would not open, but going to did access the Western Washington University extended-education courses and the registration site for this Science, Values, and Context course], the website now advertises that the course is occurring 13, 20, 27 Feb and 6 Mar. Also, the registration page today says that registration is not available.

“Science, Values, and Context: Insight into Contentious Social Issues"

When: 13, 20, 27 Feb and 6 Mar: 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM
Location: Olympic College—Poulsbo 221
Course Fee: $39

“Explore the roles of context, values, and science in how we understand and frame marine conservation problems, and how this in turn influences our perception of what’s possible, what’s preferable, and what’s acceptable. Although “framing the issue” is often used in the context of influencing public opinion, the focus of this class will be to explore problem framing as a way to gain insight into ourselves and others. Dr. Hoffman will show how concerned parties, holding differing – even opposing -- points of view can come together to make decisions in a way that encourages discussion, respects differences, and concludes with decisions that are, if not ideal, at least acceptable to all.

Dr. Hoffman has a PhD in marine ecology and has been broadly engaged in the field of climate change adaptation for over a decade.”

POC: (360)-394-2748”