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Port Townsend, “Short of Breath—Marine Life in a Warming World”

The Future of Oceans Lecture Series
Lecture: “Short of Breath--Marine Life in a Warming World”

Sunday, December 10 at 3 pm.

NOTE: This lecture will be held at The Commons on Fort Worden

Admission: $5 (students, teachers FREE)

Sponsor: Port Townsend Marine Science Center


“Curtis Deutsch, Associate Professor, School of Oceanography, College of the Environment at University of Washington is the December speaker in this series. Dr. Curtis Deutsch's research is aimed at understanding the interactions between climate and ecosystems. He combines numerical models of varying complexity with diverse types of biological and physical data to discover the ways in which climate produces spatial pattern and temporal variability in ecosystems, and thus influences their basic functioning. Most of this work has focused on biogeochemical cycles in the ocean, with a particular emphasis on the mechanisms that regulate the cycles of nutrients and oxygen over a range of time scales from years to millennia. He also works with terrestrial ecologists to understand how climate influences the patterns of thermal fitness, and their implications for biodiversity in a changing climate. You can read more about the complete lecture series at
     source: WSU extension newsletter, 22 Nov. 2017 and the Port Townsend Marine Science Center website  (accessed 29 Nov 2017. Note: no end time listed so 1-minute duration entered as a filler.)