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Darwin and Love, Olympic College-Poulsbo

“Darwin's Lost Theory of Love: A Healing Vision for the New Century  

Date: Wednesday, Nov. 15
Time: 6-7 p.m.
Location: Olympic College-Poulsbo,  Room 105, 1000 Olympic College Way NW
Cost: Free, registration not required. Open to the public

Charles Darwin’s original writings made a strong case for the importance of education, love, moral sensitivity, and civil behavior to forward human evolution. Those aspects of his theory have often been overlooked, if not viewed with disdain. Revisit Darwin’s theory, this time with the inclusion of the concept of becoming “fully human.” Examine the power of language, habit, caring and reflecting, In this talk, speakers Bernard and May will recount “Darwin’s lost theory” and show how it is applicable to work with conflict prevention and resolution.

 Presenter: Phyllis Bernard and Dann May

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