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Open Mic Science: Photosynthesis in the Ocean (Bainbridge Island)

“Join us on Tuesday April 2nd at 8:00pm at the Treehouse Cafe to hear our April OMS Speaker Professor Jodi Young.

“Talk Title: Every (2nd) breath you take: photosynthesis in the ocean.
Description:  Photosynthesis is fundamental for life on Earth. This process takes carbon dioxide from the air and turns it into living matter (e.g. plants and algae), producing the oxygen we breathe as a byproduct. When we think about photosynthesis we often focus on what we can see - plants and forests on land - but half of the Earth’s photosynthesis is done in the oceans by tiny, microscopic algae. Every second breath you take, that oxygen was provided by these poorly understood but vitally important organisms.
     “Jodi will be discussing photosynthesis in the oceans. She will highlight the diversity, complexity and vulnerability of these microscopic algae and explore the evolution of photosynthesis, which resulted in the oxygenation of our planet. Finally, she will take a deeper dive into photosynthesis that occurs in and under sea ice in the Arctic and Antarctic, how these microscopic algae feed polar ecosystems under freezing conditions, and how the base of this food web may change in the future.

“Biography: Jodi Young is an Assistant Professor at the School of Oceanography at the University of Washington. At UW she is also affiliated with the Future of Ice Initiative, the Astrobiology Department and the Quaternary Research Center. Before coming to UW, Prof. Young was a postdoctoral researcher at Princeton University and received her PhD from Oxford University, UK. Prof. Young’s research explores the evolution, mechanisms and physiology of marine photosynthesis, with a special focus on polar ecosystems. She has undertaken field work both in the Arctic and Antarctic. Her lab is currently planning their next field season to Antarctica this coming November.”
— source: Open Mic Science April e-newsletter