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How Salmon Recovery Helps Birds (Poulsbo library)

When: 8 Nov. 2018 (Thursday), 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. The monthly meeting of the Kitsap Audubon Society. Public welcome.
Where: lower level of the Poulsbo Library
What: How Salmon Recovery Helps Birds. Presented by
           Paul Dorn, Salmon Research Scientist (retired)

     “All things are connected when it comes to habitat. The terrestrial environment essential for healthy salmon stream habitat is home to many species of birds, other vertebrates, invertebrates, and plants. Birds help distribute returning adult salmon nutrients around our watersheds to support healthy forests.
     Paul has worked in salmon research and salmon recovery since 1969, studying high seas migration patterns in Alaska, spawning density success at the UW’s Big Beef Creek Research Station on Hood Canal, and 40 years with the Suquamish Tribe working to restore Kitsap natural salmon populations. In retirement, Paul works with Trout Unlimited volunteers documenting Grover’s Creek and Curley Creek outmigration populations and the Friends of Miller Bay protecting terrestrial and estuarine habitat.”
     Source: The Kingfisher (newsletter for the Kitsap Audubon Society), November 2018 issue.