Puget Sound Partnership must publish its email address registry

This notice was emailed out by the Puget Sound Partnership on 17 Dec. 2016:

Public Disclosure Request requires release of email addresses

We are notifying all those who receive routine email notices from us that the Puget Sound Partnership recently received a public disclosure request for release of the email address lists we use to broadly disperse agency communications. Your email address is included in the lists. The requestor has confirmed that the lists will not be used for commercial purposes. The state’s Attorney General has advised that we comply with the request. On December 22, 2016, we will release only the email addresses—names associated with those addresses will not be released.

Addendum: WSCC learned from the Puget Sound Partnership that the organization’s email list was requested on 6 Dec 2016  by Conner Edwards. Edwards is associated with the self-described “Freedom Foundation.”