Critical Areas Ordinance Update

Critical Areas Ordinance Update:

Many community outreaches have been done by Kitsap County to update the public on the Critical Areas Ordinance Update. The summary of the changes proposed for the CAO can be found at <>. The upcoming schedule for the update process (which can be found at <>)  is the following:

Critical Areas Ordinance Update 2017 Schedule   (As of 3/24/17; Subject to change)
Public review of Comments (prior to Planning Commission Hearing) 4/17‐5/2
Planning Commission Hearing‐Poulsbo 4/27
Open House (Poulsbo) 4/27
Planning Commission Hearing‐Port Orchard 5/2
Open House (Port Orchard) 5/2
Board Hearing‐Poulsbo 6/22
Open House (Poulsbo) 6/22
Board Hearing‐ Port Orchard 6/26
Open House (Port Orchard) 6/26
Adoption 6/28 Appeal period 60 days