EPA funding and Kitsap County

Emailed to our representatives on 15 Jan. 2018

Dear Senator Cantwell, Senator Murray, and Representative Kilmer,

Kitsap County Commissioner Charlotte Garrido outlined in the Kitsap Sun newspaper on January 14, 2018 that proposed cuts to the Environmental Protection Agency’s budget would greatly harm state programs and local initiatives, and that such cuts would undo hard-won environmental and health gains in the Puget Sound and Washington State. If the cuts are approved, we could lose resources for salmon recovery, drinking-water protection, toxin cleanup, clean-air programs, bulkhead removal, and habitat restoration. That’s the wrong direction to go. We need to continue towards clean air, clean water, and towards preserving and restoring natural habit.

Thank you for the work you’ve already done to protect Washington’s environment. Please strive to fund the EPA generously.

Thank you,
Michael Maddox
Poulsbo, WA