These projects have been taken off the front-and-center active list, though they may be reinstated as the need arises.  (Updated 3 Sep. 2018)

     The Ad Hoc Advisory Committee is a group of community members representing a variety of interests of the Kitsap County community who will present to Kitsap Dept. of Community Development staff suggestions for community-benefit criteria that will help the staff evaluate and prioritize proposed amendments to Kitsap County Code that staff have received. The purpose of the committee, per the charter handed out 23 Apr 2018, is this: “The Ad Hoc Advisory Committee will assist the Department of Community develop community-benefit criteria to assess the catalog of ideas for potential amendments to the Kitsap County Code. WSCC is represented on this advisory committee.                  (Entry updated 21 May 2018.)


     The following links were suggested by the Kitsap County Dept. of Community Development for those wishing to know more about the Kitsap County Comprehensive Plan and the 2018 Comprehensive Plan amendments. The full amendments, staff reports, and SEPA documents will be available for public review and comment in June.


·         Online Open House for the 2018 annual amendment process
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o    Community Development News
o    Comprehensive Plan Announcements
o    Kitsap County Code Update Announcements
o    Shoreline Master Program Announcements

·         Online form to suggest future Comprehensive Plan amendments
·         Online form to suggest future Kitsap County Code amendments
·         Kitsap County Non-Motorized Facilities Plan information (staff contact: David Forte, Transportation Planning Supervisor; 360-337-7210;

For more information regarding the location of site-specific amendments (this document includes parcel numbers that can be looked up in the Kitsap County Parcel Search Map).”
     (Entry updated 21 May 2018.)


FOREST AND BAY (KITSAP COUNTY)—recently finished (Dec 2017) project.
     This decade-long project to conserve forest in northern Kitsap County succeeded with the recent addition of more than 1500 acres to bring the total conserved to 4,000 acres. A detailed description of the history of the accomplishments by multiple groups and individuals can be found in the January 2018 addition of The Kingfisher at, pp. 6-7.
     West Sound Conservation Council members were part of the embryonic phase of this project, when ideas were being bounced around, and members continued with it through their individual organizations as the Kitsap Forest and Bay acquired individuals, groups, money, and land.
     There are not enough thank-you’s available to adequately credit The Great Peninsula Conservancy as the central organizing force for this project, nor to sufficiently thank GPC’s staff for their leadership, vision, organization, time and labor, and for their ability to marshal individuals and groups to the Kitsap Forest and Bay cause. Forterra joined in recent years and supplied the statewide communication, money, and muscle to bring this invaluable conservation project to completion. So many people and groups came together to make this protected-for-all-time forest, shoreline, and wildlife habitat a reality. Truly remarkable.