20 September: Climate Protest - Bremerton; Climate Strike - World

People in Kitsap County will join strikers from around the world on 20 Sep. 2019 (three days before the United Nations emergency climate summit). This protest in Bremerton has been organized by 350 West Sound Climate Action (and supported by West Sound Conservation Council and many others).

            At the Bremerton event (as described by the West Sound organizers), you can “show your support for effective action to address global warming. We will wave signs and sing. Some will march from the roundabout to the Norm Dick's Building. Show your love for our home—Planet Earth.”
            - When: meet at the Manette Bridge at 2:30 p.m.

             - Where: The roundabout on the east side of Manette Bridge, 1101 Wheaton Way (a small park next to the bridge), Bremerton WA 98301

 A song we’ll likely be singing is “Do it Now.” The You Tube videos of hundreds of people in Belgium singing this song. It can be accessed by clicking Recording here  or by going to

            “Do it Now,” Sing for the Climate, Belgium

             “Do it now.” Sing for the Climate, studio version

—        You can get more information and RSVP  for the Kitsap protest by going to (accessed 8 Sep. 2019)