The strike tomorrow will be big; youth have created it.

“Tomorrow is the global Youth Climate Strike, and here’s how it’s looking:

  • 4,500 strikes planned (1000+ just in the US!)

  • 137 countries

  • 73 trade unions and federations

  • 500 organizations

  • 1,000 companies

  • 2,500 websites joining the Digital Climate Strike

This is huge. And it’s all due to the incredible young people who are leading these strikes all over the world. Be part of the largest climate demonstration in history.”

— source: Sierra Club update, 19 Sep. 2019

And from US Youth

“Thank you for striking with us. Thank you for standing up for our generation. And thank you for being part of the movement that will save our future.

Tomorrow, a movement will begin and history will be made.

Let’s do this.

In solidarity,
US Youth Climate Strike Coalition”